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Updated 2/12/2012




Purpose of this Forum. This forum will serve as my notes on the textbook, Frontiers in Propulsion Science (Edited by Marc G. Millis and Eric M. Davis; published by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc.). The book, hereafter referred to only as The Textbook, provides the most up to date information for engineering physics as it relates to spaceship propulsion. Originally I posted questions (highlighted in red) to pursue at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where I earned a B.S. in space physics. However, it only took me 5 semesters to earn my B.S., and much of that time was spent researching the density of the Martian atmosphere. This means that some of the questions remain to be addressed even though I now have my PhD in physics with a specialization in Computational Condensed Matter Theory .

       My notes are broken up into sections that match the chapters of The Textbook, with links to the chapter notes in the table below. Comments and/or corrections to my notes and questions by the AIAA textbook authors or other knowledgeable authorities are most welcome and will be published in the appropriate sections unless they are of a private or potentially classified nature.


Preface Preface for Frontiers in Propulsion Science Updated 2/12/2012
1 Recent History of Breakthrough Propulsion Studies Updated 2/12/2012
2 Limits of Interstellar Flight Technology Updated 2/12/2012
3 Prerequisites for Space Drive Science Updated 2/12/2012
4 Review of Gravity Control Within Newtonian and General Relativistic Physics Updated 2/10/2012
5 Gravitational Experiments with Superconductors: History and Lessons Updated 2/10/2012
6 Nonviable Mechanical “Antigravity” Devices Updated 2/10/2012
7 Null Findings of Yamishita Electrogravitical Patent Updated 6/28/11
8 Force Characterization of Asymmetrical Capacitor Thrusters in Air

Updated 5/12/11

9 Experimental Findings of Asymmetrical Capacitor Thrusters for Various Gasses and Pressures

Updated 2/12/12

10 Propulsive Implication of Photon Momentum in Media



11 Experimental Results of the Woodward Effect on a Micro-Newton Thrust Balance

Updated 2/3/12

12 Thrusting Against the Quantum Vacuum Updated 6/20/11
13 Inertial Mass from Stochastic Electrodynamics

Updated 2/3/12

14 Relativistic Limits of Spaceflight Updated 5/16/11
15 Faster-than-Light Approaches in General Relativity

Updated 2/10/12

16 Faster-than-Light Implications of Quantum Entanglement and Nonlocality Updated 2/9/12
17 Comparative Space Power Baselines Updated 2/7/12
18 On Extracting Energy from the Quantum Vacuum Updated 2/7/12
19 Investigating Sonoluminescence as a Means of Energy Harvesting Updated 2/7/12
20 Null Tests of “Free Energy” Claims Text Repaired and Updated 2/7/12
21 General Relativity Computational Tools and Conventions for Propulsion Updated 2/7/12
22 Prioritizing Pioneering Research Updated 5/16/11
   Text Typos to fix for Second Edition

First Draft (9/25/09)