Alleged Secrets of Mars

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The Truth Is Slowly Leaking Out but There's Plenty of Disinformation to Cut through (Updated 8/6/2017)

       This page explores alleged photos showing signs of Life on Mars.  The second man to  walk on the moon,  Buzz Aldrin, said on C-SPAN that there is a monolith on (Phobos) one two moons of Mars.  Aldrin also claimed that Apollo 11 witnessed a UFO on the way to the moon.  There are a lot of other bizarre claims out there, but for a serious discussion about the possibility of a much denser Martian atmosphere than is currently advocated by NASA, see our report entitled MARS CORRECT: Critique of All NASA Mars Weather Data.  While I can neither endorse nor refute the Aldrin claims (which are somewhat in line with assertions made by Edgar Mitchell, the 6th man to walk on the moon), I do believe that  thorough research cannot be done without at least being aware of them. 

       On August 4, 2011 my father and I both made extensive presentations to the Mars Society Convention in Dallas, Texas. Since that time five startling announcements were made by the European Space Agency and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory that tend to support the conclusion that Mars has far higher pressure than believed before. (1) Mars has 10 to 100 more water vapor in its air than previously believed; (2) There are about 2 pints of water in every cubic foot  of soil at Gail Crater where MSL landed; (3) MSL Curiosity photos show that the sky color on Mars is blue; (4) Sand is blowing around far more than it should happen if the pressure were only 6.1 mbar at areoid; and finally (5) The discovery of running water on the surface of Mars in conjunction with Recurring Slope Lineae (RSL).

        Truth seems to be slowly leaking out. I implore my readers to keep an open mind. The truth is not only out there, it's in our report.

WHAT'S GOING ON AT PHOBOS? A film clip about the Soviet Phobos 1 and 2 space probes shows anomalies that have been portrayed as UFOs. The Phobos segment starts at 1 minute 9 seconds into the presentation. Sadly, the Russian Phobos Grunt mission launched in November, 2011 failed to leave Earth orbit.

Figure 1 above: Astronaut Buzz Aldrin's monolith on Mars.

Figures 2A and 2B above: The "face" at Cydonia, Mars intially in 1976 and decades later. Figure 2C shows an area with what lloks like trees but is possible caused by frozen carbon dioxide.

        While the image on Figure 2C above by Mars Spirit Rover looks like trees, Candy Hansen, a member of NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) team at the University of Arizona, states that we are actually viewing dark basaltic sand pushed to the surface of sand dunes by sun-heated solid carbon dioxide ice, or dry ice, sublimating directly into vapor.  The link stresses that in the Martian spring, the sun warms the ice, causing it to sublimate directly into vapor, and the resulting gas dislodges surrounding dust and sand particles. "What we think is happening is that the dark sand is sliding down the bright frosted portion of the dune," Hansen said. MRO's High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera took this image as part of a series of Martian images appearing in a special issue of the journal Icarus.

       View this footage of possible life on Mars.  The "Big Foot" here looks kind of cheesy, but the rest of the video is entertaining.  Some of its images are repeated again on the link in the right column.  The Martian walker is believed to be just a rock.  There is an expandable version of the photo offered below.

Figure 3 below: Images of what is probably a rock, but it looks like a humanoid.

There is an interesting video that purports to show artifacts on Mars, including the face at Cydonia at  This link, like others on this page, is presented for quick reference, but without any endorsement by this writer.  To date, I am ready to argue only for higher than advertised pressure in the Martian atmosphere.  For the evidence on that, as noted above, see Basic Report for MARS CORRECT: Critique of All NASA Mars Weather Data. To view a PowerPoint summary our report see Mars Correct? Mars is Wet! 

Figure 4 - Possible spherical photsynthetic life seen by MSL on its Sol 1185.

The above possible spherical life is discussed at  

Figure 5 - A treestump-like objected was spotted by MSL on its Sol 1647.

Figure 6 - MSL Curiosity also spotted what looks like bones.


Figure 7 - A frequent reader of this site from Estonia sent us a video (likley a hoax) of a purported joint U.S.-Soviet unmanned landing on Mars on May 22, 1962. He sent the film to us because the pressure reported almost extactly matches the pressure that we predicted for Viking 1 IF the pressure at areoid was 510 mbar.

       Ever since October, 2014 my father has tracked all U.S. and Russian Government visitors to my site as well to his sites. He does this to get an idea of how seriously our findings about Martian weather were being taken by NASA and the Russian space agency, Roscosmos. On the day after Donald Trump won the presidential election, Dad formally applied to be a science advisor in the White House.


       We have no idea of whether his offer will be accepted, but in his cover letter he included the fact that he had a list of about 500 NASA and Kremlin readers, and he provided a link to the full list of their IP addresses. He had one important addition that he included on the list. It was the IP address of an Estonian reader who was always on our sites whenever we added anything new about Mars. Significance? On one occasion the Estonian’s reverse IP address came up as the Department of Defense (DoD) Network Information Center. My father also found that when NASA Ames accessed our Report Conclusions, Recommendations, Acknowledgements and Afterword on 07/Dec/2015:10:14:43 that this article was accessed first by the Estonian 8 minutes 46 seconds earlier at 07/Dec/2015:10:05:57.


        We never heard directly from the Estonian UNTIL 5 hours after we brought his actions to the attention of the incoming Trump White House. Then we received the following e-mail with reference to Table 1C at


Hello Barry,

First I have to say sorry about my English, this is not my native language. I am from Estonia, a small country bordering Russia and have been researching your site for a while. I found it really interesting, because I have always felt too, there is something going on Mars that we don’t know or someone doesn’t world to want to know.

Have you ever seen British documentary film Alternative 3? It was broadcasted only once in 1977 as a fictional hoax. Originally, it was made for April fool’s joke, but some reason the broadcast was delayed. In the end of the film is a video about landing on Mars in May 22 1962. We can see some kind of probe landing slowly and at some time there are comments (in both English and Russian) about weather conditions on Mars. We hear: Temperature 4 degrees Celsius, Wind speed: 21 km/h, Atmospheric pressure 707,7 millibars.

The video is here: And THIS in the same kind of pressure that should be at Viking 1 landing site according your 510 millibar areoid pressure model! Just take a look at TABLE 1C  BELOW CALCULATIONS FOR 510 MB AREOID. It shows 707,73 mb. This is just too incredible to be coincidence. The sky is pale blue and surface not so red. And this is not all. When the craft lands, there is euphoria in command centre (or onboard lander?). And then something near the lander gets scared and crawls away under the top layer of surface. Like a mole or big beetle.


What the hell does it mean? Most people tell this video is probably fake. Of course, I don’t believe there was a joint U.S.-Soviet program to Mars in 1962, a year after Gagarin was sent in space. It’s too incredible to be true. It's just another hoax. But maybe this video was about Viking-1 landing and was later modified to fit into odd documentary film that was released 1977, next year after Viking? Who knows.

Note: My father thanked the Estonian for his e-mail, but also got the person to admit that he had transmitted his e-mail under a false name. We don't know his real name. Although the author of the email denies being an intelligence agent (likely, one sympathetic to American interests) my father requested an end to the e-mail communications because of his desire to procure a position in the Trump Administration with a goal of helping to educate the President about Mars, and pushing for the speedy exploration and colonization of the planet.